Flex Sofa Set

Entertaining outdoors is made effortless with the Flex Sofa Set.

Enjoy the Art of Lounge.


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    The Flex design in Sunbrella changes the way we look at furniture. With cushions supported by fabric straps instead of solid metal, another level of comfort is achieved. The low slung seats and over-stuffed back cushions ensure that relaxation is guaranteed.

    Divano Lounge USA products are made exclusively from Sunbrella fabrics, making them perfect for a long outdoor life. Unlike most cloth, Sunbrella fabric is made from fibres that are dyed before they are woven – this gives a deeper colour, with every yarn coloured to the core. The resultant fabric can be left outdoors for many years without suffering the fading and abrasions that plague other fabrics.

    All foam and cushions used in Divano Lounge USA furniture is custom designed with a wide-cell structure to maximize airflow, allowing the furniture to dry quickly, without trapping pockets of water. The antimicrobial treatment that every piece undergoes prevents the build-up of bacteria that can cause nasty smells.
    Sunbrella products can be left outside year round, and cleaned using mild bleach and warm water.

    Enjoy The Art of Lounge.

  • Additional information

    Additional information


    Flex 2-Seater Sofa L67 x D30 x W27
    Flex 2 Seaters Right & Left End L55 x D30 x H27
    Flex Chair L40 x D30 x W27
    Flex Corner L30 x D30 x H27


    Flanelle 3757 / Black Base

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